Choose the perfect ONLINE PLAN (Level One)

You receive full access to a growing library of online learning.  Level One and Two of Symphony training consists of two semesters of online learning.  Both semesters consist of over sixty videos, each averaging eleven minutes in duration, filmed in a professional studio to provide the end-user with a high-definition, highest quality end-product.  

These videos are targeted and specific to meet the needs of our promise-based theology of sales training.  We don’t believe a two-three minute training session can have the same value as a thoughtfully prepared presentation that includes inspiration, education and challenge.  Come see why.  Each unit is accompanied with a downloadable, colorful manual with fill-in-the-blanks, answer key, crossword puzzle challenge, and other online learning tools.   The printed coursework is the most extensive and challenging in the industry.

Each unit requires a passing grade, testing the basic knowledge presented, to proceed into the next unit.  These evaluations are designed to support the agency owner, business owner or sales manager with real-time update results related to student participation and help the student maintain engagement with the training.  A final exam is provided to prove completion and comprehension of the curriculum with an award certificate earned for each Symphony participant.  

Level One programming may be monitored and measured by the agency owner/manager to assure total participation by agency staff. 

(In-house program leader is exempt from training fees and testing module requirements).

$469 Annual

BanD #1

$704 Annual

Band #2
3-4 Students

$879 Annual


$1,029 Annual

BanD #4

$1,159 Annual

Band #5
9-10 Students

$1,279 Annual


More than twelve users?
Please, call us at 810-577-5450 or email at and click below to discuss an attractive pricing option for your company.

Thank you for considering Sales Symphony as your partner in sales training.  We believe it is an honor to work with your sales Producers toward a sales process that consists of a higher level of integrity, honesty and connection.  In the same way, our relationship is built on integrity, so we ask that if you partner with Symphony on a monthly basis, you honor your commitment with us, and understand that your commitment on this level is an annual promise to us.  Thank you for your confidence and trust.  We will not let you down.

Dr. Mark L. Bartlett

President, Sales symphony

Choose the perfect on-site plan (Level Two)

When you choose our Level Two program, our team of professionals meet you on the battlefield…your sales hub!  This level of training includes, but is not limited to an in-house sales mentoring academy.  We bring our program to your business to equip on a deeper level for more targeted outcomes.  We coach, train and mentor your staff to become front-line soldiers in the Symphony army of sales change.  The radical approach to selling will triple the close rates of your staff.  Those who elect to participate will become super-achievers in your agency.

These mentoring sessions are one, two, or three-day sessions of intense “basic sales training,” which is anything but basic.  They will require total “buy-in” and discipline to complete.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, only students who have completed Level One training are eligible to participate in Level Two training.

These programs are competitively priced and the rewards are realized almost immediately.  Please, help your staff by hosting a Level Two training session soon.  Classes are limited to fifteen students and small business owners allowed and encouraged to cost-share with other sales organizations to fill class seats and lessen the financial load.  

Level Two programming is challenging and will leave your staff wanting more.  Students graduating from Level Two will receive a certificate of completion and may be asked to participate in future sessions as paid instructors for Sales Symphony. 

(Two and three-day session include full Symphony labs, shadowing, mentoring and coaching sessions.   Additionally, Sales Symphony is responsible for all team expenses, i.e. food, travel and lodging).


1 - Day Session




3 - Day Session

Our clients say

"At first, I was a little uncertain, but the daily encouragement prepared my heart which allowed my mind to absorb the truth of Promiselling. Symphony has made a sales difference like no other program on the market today. Thank you."
Heather Clifford
SVP, (Senior Producer), TCG Insurance, Independent Agency, Lapeer, Michigan
"Having worked in the environment of the Symphony sales theology/practice, I can say first-hand how the program affects results. Mark isn't just building better salespeople...he is truly building better people. My sales numbers doubled using this non-system of sales. Thank you Symphony."
Kevin Wallis
Senior Sales Producer, State Farm Insurance Company, Davison, Michigan
"The principles of Promiselling and focus on connection through the promise have truly impressed me. Most of my staff have grown into a triple than average close rate in my state. The ROI for a two-day training was incredible."
Jon hinrichs
Sales Manager, (New Business Team Leader) Allstate Insurance, Flint Michigan
"My buy-in to the theology of Promiselling was immediate. The radical results to follow have been the result of a willingness to start over in my sales thinking. A refusal to continue in a system of selling has resulted in a better of system of speaking...straight from my heart. That sells."
Agency Manager - Allstate Insurance Company, Fenton, Michigan (6 locations)